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21122YPN Real Estate Services include

  • Social Media Training,
  • Small Business Elearning Classes
  • Website Builders with easy Contact Management Systems.
  • Legal Documents
  • business mentoring

Studies by YPN Inc from 2011-2017 show a realtor is 10 times more likely to be successful in Real Estate Having A mentor and your own professional website.

YES 10 times more successful in real estate just with those two tools!

That is a huge difference since the average realtor lasts just under 2 years in the business before they either quit or start doing it so infrequent that it becomes more of a hobby than a career.

Get the tools and skills that are crucial In today’s Modern Real Estate Business.

It doesn’t matter if  you Are a Realtor or a Home Builder, Every Young Professional or Small Business Owner Needs to have their Own Online Website.

I am not talking about just having a Facebook page, or Twitter account either. Those are very good to have complimentary to your website, but ultimately you do not own them.

Every business owner is simply borrowing a page from social media sites like facebook and twitter.

If they make a change that is not compatible with your software, you can be left scrambling.  Get Your Own Website For Under $10 per month with 24 hours customer service.  It is a very small cost to pay to having a business and piece of mind.

Get Your Own Personal Website and Start Your Online Career today

You Can Read are 9 reasons why every small business owner needs an easy website builder On Our Blog Page.  Learn More 


Professional Development

Professional Development Covers A Lot Of Areas and Is Normally Very Expensive since it is generally geared towards the working professional who already has an established career. http://www.ypn.us/

The difference is this time I’m trying to get you as much stuff free as I can since I’m the type of person who is always looking at ways to save money and to help others do the same.

I personally have been a single parent of 4 kids for over 14 years now I know all to well the struggles of working full time for small wages just to try and make ends meet to keep the lights on put food on the table for my family.  This struggle is Real For Everybody Who is a Millennial, Not Just the Single Parent Nowadays.

Here Are Some Free Resources I found to help out with your professional skills so you can either make some money on the side, or simply improve your computer or office skills so you can help out somebody else around the office.


Social Media Training

Social Media Advertising Is The Way Of The Future.  Training Companies to navigate the various social networking companies will be quite a task to undergo.

However, the Future is Now and If you are a small business owner or Realtor, You need to keep up with current market trends or you will be left behind by your competition.  Find out how to stay as relevant as possible.  https://1ypn.com/services/social-media.


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